The TyRon Lewis Community Gym is an institution of the African People’s Education and Defense Fund whose mission is to develop and institutionalize programs to defend the human and civil rights of the African community, and to address the grave disparities in education, health, health care, and economic development of the African community.

We are following through with APEDF’s mission by creating a fitness and wellness program that includes group fitness, Kids and Adult Fit camp, Personal Training, and health seminars that address the grave disparities in the African community. The fitness and wellness program promotes a healthier lifestyle for everyone in the community!

Our mission is to build the individual and collective health of the African community one body at a time. We will accomplish this through our vision which is to provide programs that recognize and address the diseases that plague the African community like Hypertension and Diabetes. The fitness and wellness program will build the African community’s economic and collective health by offering affordable gym memberships, fitness classes, smoothie bar, and health education seminars.

We call it “A Gym of Our Own” because this is a place that we can go to relieve stress, enhance our physical ability, and increase our mental toughness. Where else can you go to get that? Nowhere and that’s why YOU need to become a part of the amazing things happening at the TyRon Lewis Community Gym.

Times are getting rough and we need a way out! We will show you how!!